2019-2020 SCHOOL YEAR
*Enrichment Teacher Paula Breese was awarded $858.75 to purchase interactive STEM coding robots and STEAM Parks by Lego. 

*Social Worker Toby Kayser and Psychologist Devin Bement were awarded $1000 to purchase Zones of Regulation SEL Curriculum visuals and weighted lap pads/wraps. 
*Education and Disabilities Coordinator HeadStart/UPK Kendra Winkleblack-Kirk was awarded $1000 to acquire technology and training to continue the PRIDE program at HeadStart/UPK. 
*Speech Language Pathologist Kristin Moody was awarded $948.24 to purchase an iPad Pro to help with speech therapy. 
*Dual Language Spanish Teacher Danielle Tuttle was awarded $641.25 to purchase two Breakout EDU Classroom bundles as well as google cardboard to take students on virtual field trips. 
*S.T.E.A.M. Teacher Vincent Barry was awarded $865.72 to purchase materials to improve morning video announcements as well as STEAM items such as Little Bits, circuitry kits and Emido building blocks. 
*Special Education Teachers Kate Mager, Megan Bailey and Katie Prairie were awarded $1000 to create a drama club for students. Each of these grants will help students think outside the box, engage students in the learning process and support critical thinking and problem solving skills. 
2018-2019 SCHOOL YEAR

*Paula Breese was awarded $895 for the Kinesthetic Klassroom to create a mindfulness room that will help students build their confidence and self-esteem. The room will include a sand pit that will be built by high school technology teacher, Ron Smith’s classes. This room will be available to all Kindergarten and First Grade students at West Street School. 

*Lorraine Knifley and Shannon Deane were awarded $200 to purchase STEAM activities such as Brain Flakes, Magformers, Squidz, Dado Squares, art supplies and kinesthetic sand.

*Media Specialists Christine Joslyn and Anthony Calabrese were awarded $1000 to acquire books and technology to improve student reading performance and interest. They wrote, “In remembering Becky Addona in the building in which she taught, we are working to build a library collection of print and non-print resources that reach all children, providing students at every level with exciting and challenging library media experiences.” In addition to books, they will purchase Smart Globes which will utilize cutting edge technology for the students. 

2017-2018 SCHOOL YEAR

*Head Start Education and Disabilities Coordinator Kendra Winkleblack was awarded $725 for Providing Rich Instruction to Drive Excellence (PRIDE)—training sessions for new staff, new substitutes and parent volunteers on maximizing every interaction with students.

* Dual Language Teacher Marilu Segura was awarded $999 for equipment for the dual language program at West Street.

*Kindergarten Teacher Kathryn Roberts was awarded $1,000 for Breakout EDU kits, which are collections of locks, boxes and items used to play games that involve math, science, history and language arts.

*Fifth grade teacher Valerie Coleman and Special Education Teacher Tonya Luna were awarded $800 for Breakout EDU kits as well as $932 for an Activate Station, an audio system that simplifies peer-to-peer interaction.

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